Cale Millen a Quarterback With The UConn Huskies Switches to Defensive Back

In the first half of an NCAA college football game versus Michigan on Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Connecticut quarterback Cale Millen takes the field.

Since entering the collegiate ranks, Cale Millen, the backup quarterback for the UConn football team, has had a difficult journey.

He is used to changing, having played for Oregon, Northern Arizona, and UConn in the previous season. But he faces one of his largest shifts and difficulties to date this spring.

The first day of spring practice for UConn was missing a quarterback. Instead, Millen changed into a navy blue defensive shirt in place of his crimson one.

My entire life has been spent playing quarterback, claimed Millen. I last participated in defense in the eighth grade. It’s a lot of fun now that I’m doing it at the DI level.

Among the many ways the UConn coaching staff has pondered using the athletic backup quarterback, Millen has spent the first nine spring sessions practicing as a defensive back More

Before spring ball, Cale (Millen) was relocated, according to UConn coach Jim Mora. “I had a talk with him (Millen), a 6-3, 210-pound player who is one of the more athletic and quicker guys on our team, about where he can help us the most,” Mora said. “I believe he can contribute in certain ways to our defense, especially on special teams, and I believe he can contribute in some ways to our offensively as well. We’re just giving him a little time to practice his defense.

Millen played quarterback for 12 games last year. Although he excelled at running, he only completed 6 of 15 tries for 31 yards and a touchdown.

On 17 carries for 100 yards and a touchdown, Millen averaged 5.9 yards per carry. His season-long longest carry was for 49 yards. Switches to Defensive Back.

Mora remarked, “Whether that be as a wild cat quarterback, a slot receiver. His size, speed, and athleticism make it impossible for him to remain idle. He has a wide range of abilities.

While Millen hasn’t played defense since before high school, his tenure at Northern Arizona gave him experience on special teams. Cale Millen, a Quarterback With The UConn Huskies, Switches to Defensive Back.

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