Watch Alaska High School Football Playoffs Scores 2023

Alaska High School Football Alaska High School Football Playoffs High School Football

Watch Alaska High School Football Playoff Scores 2023

Playoffs Alaska High School Football Scores 2023

Division l and Championship 2023 Scores

West=34, South=21

SemiFinals Match Scores 2023

West=51, Service=0

Quarterfinals Match Scores 2023

West=49, Juneau-Douglas/Thunder Mountain=7

Service=30, Dimond=6

South=14, Bettye Davis East=12

Division ll and Championship Scores 2023

Soldotna=64, North Pole=14

SemiFinals Match Scores 2023

Soldotna=69, North Pole=20

Quarterfinals Match Scores 2023

Soldotna=56, Chugiak=0

North Pole=46, West Valley=24

Eagle Griver=49, Palmer=35

Lathrop=64, Wasilla=0

Division Ill and Championship Scores 2023

Kenai Central=20, Barrow=8

SemiFinals Match Scores 2023

Kenai Central=21, Homer=16

Barrow=22, Houston=18

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