Kentucky (KY) High School Football Rankings Teams

Kentucky (KY) High School Football Rankings Teams

Kentucky (KY) High School Football Rankings Teams

You are welcome to learn about the high school football rankings in Kentucky (KY). And you are aware of how well-liked high school football Play is in America. We Know for players, coaches, and fans of high school football the High School Football season is a crucial and exciting time. Players train all year for this high school football season because it gives them a chance to showcase their talents. It’s challenging to rank high school football because it’s a very tough tournament, but we always attempt to give you the most recent information. We will discuss the Idaho high school football rankings today. Those of you who are unaware of the high school football rankings in Kentucky (KY) can quickly learn about them by reading this piece. Our website was created primarily to make it simple for individuals looking for the most recent information about high school football to do so. The rankings for Kentucky (KY) high school football that we will be publishing today were made public in 2023. Check out the Kentucky (KY) high school football rankings right away.

Here are the Top 25 High School Football Teams in Kentucky (KY) Rankings

No.#1 Boyle County (Danville)

No.#2 Trinity (Louisville)

No.#3 Male (Louisville)

No.#4 Corbin

No.#5 Frederick Douglass (Lexington)

No.#6 Covington Catholic (Park Hills)

No.#7 Highlands (Fort Thomas)

No.#8 Lexington Christian (Lexington)

No.#9 DuPont Manual (Louisville)

No.#10 St. Xavier (Louisville)

No.#11 Christian Academy-Louisville (Louisville)

No.#12 Franklin County (Frankfort)

No.#13 South Warren (Bowling Green)

No.#14 Bryan Station (Lexington)

No.#15 Ballard (Louisville)

No.#16 Paducah Tilghman (Paducah)

No.#17 Owensboro Catholic (Owensboro)

No.#18 Blazer (Ashland)

No.#19 Scott County (Georgetown)

No.#20 Beechwood (Fort Mitchell)

No.#21 Woodford County (Versailles)

No.#22 Bowling Green

No.#23 Southwestern (Somerset)

No.#24 Mayfield

No.#25 Bullitt East (Mt. Washington)

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