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High School Football Schedule Football in High School in Ohio

On July 31, 2023, Ohio’s high school football season will formally begin. The official calendar was established last week by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Teams are permitted to participate in 13-day-long coaching and 7-on-7 competitions between now and the start of fall camps. Additionally, all schools will have an additional five days to finish the state’s required five-day acclimatization period.

Student-athletes are permitted to engage in as many conditioning and fitness training sessions as they choose throughout the summer.

The Ohio High School Football Schedule For 2023 is Determined

The majority of regular season games will start on August 18 after two weeks of fall camp. On October 21, the regular season will come to an end. The playoffs’ first round will begin on October 27.

Schedules for HSFA 300 in ’23 are related.

The 2023 state championships will be place in Canton from November 30 to December 2.

2023 Ohio HS Football Calendar

  . Summer Period ends July 30
. Fall Camps open July 31
. First Friday is August 18
. Regular Season Ends on October 21
. Playoff qualifiers and matchups announced October 22
. 1st Round of Playoffs – October 27
. Regional Quarterfinals – November 3
. Regional Semifinals – November 10-11
. Regional Finals – November 17-18
. State Semifinals – November 25-25
. State Championships – November 30-December 2

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